Tampa Bay Air Charter Team

Adam DominoAdam Domino – Chief Pilot

Our Chief Pilot, Adam Domino, brings 36 years of aviation experience to the Tampa Bay Air Charter team. He has over 20,000 flight hours and is a graduate of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Arizona Campus with a Bachelor of Science.

Adam’s ratings include: Commercial, Airline Transport Pilot

Adam has ferried light aircraft internationally for 19 years and has experience flying seaplanes, banner planes, parachutists, and scheduled passenger/mail routes in northern Alaska. He has been a certified flight instructor since 1992. Adam has maintained an immaculate safety record throughout his career.


  • Ron Methot
  • Robert Dvorak

Administrative Staff

  • Ron Methot Sr. – Director of Operations
  • Ronald Methot – General Manager & Owner
  • Bill Auer – Owner
  • Blake Reischmann – Director of Maintenance
  • Nisuka Williams – Office Administrator