Flying can be a long, complicated and oftentimes, irritating ordeal.

With over 15 million flights handled annually in the United States, air traffic is as commonplace these days as driving to the grocery store. But commercial flights can be overcrowded and uncomfortable.

Is it worth paying for a private charter flight? How much does a charter cost? What are the benefits that might just make the extra cost truly worth it?

If you would like to learn more about why chartering a plane is a wise business decision, keep reading.

Reasons to Fly Charter

When it comes down to it, deciding to charter a plane is going to save you the headache of flying. And the added luxuries make it every worth every penny.

1. Choose Your Own Schedule

The best perk of chartering a plane is the schedule.

Or more accurately, any schedule. Choosing to charter gives you the chance to fly whenever you want. Private flights let you choose your departure and arrival times. Being able to work around and beyond a pre-existing schedule is a flexibility you will never regret.

Charter flights also give you the luxury of landing in smaller airports, closer to your desired location.

2. Private Terminals

Private terminals are also a great benefit of flying privately.

With smaller terminals, set apart from public areas this will help you arrive on time and eliminate much of the stress flying comes with. Traveling internationally benefits greatly from this as well. Your passport and its details will be checked and finalized before you even arrive at the airport. This saves you time as well.

3. Luxury at 7.5 Miles Up in the Sky

With charter flights say goodbye to rubbing elbows with strangers.

Comfortable and spacious seating is one of the best perks of flying privately. You will be able to recline your seat as far as you want. Or stretch your legs as far across the aisle as they can go.

Flying in a Pilatus PC-12 means you will not have to fly with hundreds of people you don’t know. Definitely a great reason to charter.

4. Luxury Flights for You and Your Pets

With all of the news of pets perishing in commercial flights, it’s no wonder many people are starting to turn to private flights to transport themselves and their animals across the country.

Flying privately can give you the peace of mind you need when flying with your pet.

What’s the Average Charter Flight Cost?

So with all of those amazing perks, you’re probably wondering how much a charter flight costs?

When you begin researching, make sure you pay attention to the type of plane.

Smaller prop planes are less expensive and much safer. With rates ranging from $1,200-$4,500 per flight hour, it’s definitely a good idea to speak with your flight planner before choosing your flight.

Choose to Charter and Save Yourself Some Stress

If you decide to fly along the East Coast or across Florida, consider flying with Tampa Bay Air Charter. We offer several destinations, and with our luxury PC-12s, your flight will be comfortable and completely stress-free.

Our charter flight costs are competitive and with all of the benefits we’ve listed above, definitely worth it.

Contact us for more information and get your flight chartered today.