For most businesses, the idea of chartering a plane sounds expensive and out of reach.

Businessman boarding a private planeIt certainly doesn’t have to be, and putting your company on a more time efficient schedule is less of a dream and more of a reality than you might think.

Chartering a private plane doesn’t necessarily mean paying tens of thousands of dollars to fly aboard a private jet.

It’s important to investigate the best options for your company, because you definitely have more than one. Air charter is no longer suited only to massive corporations and big business, but is actually available to a wide variety of clients who long to double their production but lack the time to do so.

Here are just a few reasons you should take a closer look at utilizing private air travel for your business travel needs.

Nothing Beats The Efficiency Of Private Air Travel

It goes without saying (but we’ll say it), that you can get where you’re going much faster when traveling by air. Flying doesn’t come with the usual hold ups that you’re sure to encounter while driving, or using any form of ground travel, for that matter.

With increased and more effective time management, comes the ability to better run your business by revolving around the ever changing schedules that clients (or potential clients), might have. In turn, you could see an increase in business based on a new level of availability.

An increase in business means an increase in profits – suddenly, chartering air travel no longer seems so far fetched.

Businesses thrive on their ability to maintain a jam packed schedule successfully. If you’ve got constant interstate travel, then it’s nonsensical to use driving as your only form of getting from one destination to another.

With private air travel, there will be no more missed meetings and uncertain arrival times. You can confidently communicate your landing time to those waiting on the other end, and expect to keep it.

Travel in Complete Comfort

There is nothing more uncomfortable than packing a town car, van or limousine full of passengers and their luggage, and then proceeding to travel a long distance. It doesn’t take long for the inside of a vehicle to get stuffy and uncomfortable.

Stops for bathroom breaks, food and drinks are constant and drastically increase your travel time.

Chartering a flight is a great way to travel in optimal comfort.

A little known fact: You don’t have to book a massive, over the top private jet to fly in that level of comfort.

Booking a single engine plane, like the Pilatus PC-12, brings travel costs way down while offering luxurious surroundings to your team. A bright, laid-back, comfortable atmosphere with amenities that you’ll never find with ground travel.

Speaking of amenities…

Have You Met the Pilatus PC-12, Yet?

When you charter a flight on the Pilatus PC-12, you’re guaranteeing yourself a smooth flight in extreme comfort. With room for nine, there is no shortage of space. The Pilatus travels at around 285 miles per hour, so you’ll always reach your destination quickly.

Every flight on the Pilatus is smooth, and it can land on very short runways, making it a great option for all over travel. It features rear club-seating with writing tables to jot down those last minute notes. There is a private bathroom, and you’ll have constant access to your bags at the appropriate times during flight.



The Pilatus gives you and your traveling companions that big private jet feeling, without the astronomical price tag. The cabin is pressurized, and completely air conditioned.

If your team must go straight into a day of meetings right after landing, don’t worry about feeding them. Catering is available upon request. No more stopping the car for fast food breaks along the way.

The Flexibility to Get More Done in One Day

When you charter a plane for business purposes, you have the luxury of getting more done in a 24 hour period. In fact, when you compare the time you invest in flying commercial or driving, you might discover that flying private would actually cost you far less time and therefore, less money.

Consider the amount of time it takes you to travel to business meetings by driving.  A short same day trip across the state of Florida can take at least 3-4 hours each way depending on traffic. Also, while driving you are not able to direct your attention to anything other than the road meaning you aren’t getting any work done.

Now, let’s consider the same trip in a private plane.

Unlike commercial jets, private planes have a lot of flexibility regarding what airports they can service. Most people don’t even realize that there are smaller and more convenient airports much closer to their home and their place of business. Flying private typically gives you the flexibility to choose to depart from these closer airports.

That trip across the state that was going to take you 3-4 hours each way will take less than an hour each way in a private plane. And, you’ll be able to get work done while you’re in the air.

For many business travelers, the amount of time saved each way justifies the difference in cost between driving and private air travel.

Air Travel is the Safest Form of Travel

It’s true! Statistically, flying is the safest form of travel. So you know that when you’re booking a private flight, you’re actually keeping your traveling partners safer than you would be if you were packing them into a car and traveling across state lines.

Though the fear of flying is more prevalent than the fear of traveling in a car, it’s all about perception.

When you fly, you leave your safety up to the flight crew. When driving, people believe they are in charge of their own safety, when really they’re entrusting it to everyone else on the road as well.

It’s not uncommon to come across travelers who worry about the safety aspects of flying on smaller private planes. The truth is, private planes are as safe (or even more so) than commercially owned jets.

In fact, private air charter companies often have a higher standard when it comes to properly maintaining their aircrafts. Privately owned companies have a tendency to own a fleet of newer planes and federal regulations require that their fleets are properly maintained.

Also, when you choose to fly privately, you know exactly who and what is traveling with you. If you need to have confidential business meetings or discussions, a private plane is the perfect place.

Flying Over Driving? Yes!

The ability to charter a private plane to travel is one of the best things that has happened to businesses today. It’s beyond the definition of convenient, and so much safer than taking the trip highway style.

You’ll begin to see business prospects perk up as you become available for more face to face meetings. Private planes make business expansion more possible than it ever was, by bringing people together in a time friendly manner. There’s no more waiting, and no more tedious town cars.

Flying privately gives you your precious time back.