When you fly commercial airlines, you take a gamble with your time.

Inside a private plane

And your time is your most valuable commodity.

More and more travelers are making the switch to private air charter because it’s convenient, secure, and luxurious.

Although first-time travelers may balk at the upfront cost of a private flight, it’s a worthy investment in your happiness, and it protects your valuable time from being wasted. Avoid delays, forced connections, and long security lines when you schedule a private flight with us.

Below, we’ll outline the top 7 benefits you can expect when you choose private air charter.

1. Increased Privacy

If you’re flying for pleasure, you’ll find freedom in the fact that you can mingle and converse with your travel party freely in a private plane. Our luxurious Pilatus PC-12 holds up to 9 passengers. And if you’re a business executive, you’ll find that you can hold important meetings and conferences without eavesdroppers and interruptions from other travelers. Our crew is discreet, and your conversations will be kept confidential.

That level of privacy and service is non-existent with a commercial flight. If you’re traveling for business, it’s impossible to stay productive on a crowded and noisy commercial jet. But you can keep working or meeting with your colleagues efficiently on a quiet, discreet private charter flight.

2. Customization

Do you have a beloved pet you want to take with you to your Caribbean paradise? Or is it crucial for your business that you have the freedom to decide departure times? Having a full-course meal in the air with family and friends for your birthday may be the perfect present for you. With a private air charter, you can customize your flight to your wants and needs. With a commercial flight, you’re just a number and a potential criminal, not a valued customer.

3. No Chaos

Even if you fly first-class on a commercial jet, you still have to cut through the chaos of the airline terminal. The lines are insane, and you have to spend your valuable time wading through them. It can take hours to get through the airport long before your flight even takes off.

Not to mention, dealing with unpredictable layover flight times can add to the stress and the frustration. Having to battle the crowds and beat the clock before a relaxing vacation or critical business event is hardly conducive to your happiness and emotional well-being. When you decide to make the switch to a private flight, you can avoid lines and crowds.

Private terminals have spacious, comfortable lounges where you can wait in peace for your friends and family to arrive for take-off. Book a private charter flight, and you can expect to say ‘goodbye’ to travel chaos.

4. Convenience

Flying the conventional, commercial way means circling the parking lot for a spot. Or it means battling the traffic congestion with your chauffeur. Worse, it can even mean paying hefty parking fees to leave your car at the terminal. And how secure are those terminals, really? You can’t ever be sure. Fly private charter, and your vehicle is guaranteed to be safe. Your chauffeur can drop you off right at the private terminal, which isn’t congested. And forget about circling for a spot and watching the clock with wide-eyed panic. Finding a parking spot at a private terminal is a snap.

5. Predictable, On-time Arrival

Commercial flights are unpredictable, and there are numerous steps in the travel process when you fly via commercial jet. Forced connections, delays, and mechanical issues are everyday occurrences with commercial flights. It’s difficult to predict when you’ll finally arrive with any accuracy. If you can’t stand unpredictability, or your prompt arrival is crucial for business success, flying commercial is a risk you don’t want to take. With a private air charter, expect accurate, predictable arrival times.

6. Tailored Departure Times

Private air charter gives you the power to decide when you depart. With a commercial flight, you’re subjected to airline schedules, which aren’t always conducive to your scheduling needs. With a private air charter, you have the freedom to choose when you leave, and thus, you’ll protect your schedule and your time.

Even better, you don’t ever have to worry about missing your flight. If you tend to run late, or you want assurance that the plane won’t take off without you, a private air charter ensures you’ll never miss a take-off. Staff will gladly wait for you if you’re late to the terminal. On the flipside, if you arrive early, you have the freedom to depart ahead of schedule if you like.

7. Control

The best thing that you can expect when you decide to book a private charter flight is control. You have absolute control over the time you leave and depart. You can customize the in-flight experience to your specifications, too. And private air charter gives you flexibility with your departure times. Time will always be on your side when you choose to go with a private air charter.

While private air travel is more expensive than taking a commercial flight, the price gap between the two gets narrower every year. Passengers are starting to catch on, and more people are seeing the vast benefits they get when they upgrade to a private air charter. When you make the switch, you get more freedom, more security, and you save a lot of time on the ground and in flight. Private air charters also provide peace of mind that a commercial jet flight can never give you. Never worry about being late and missing a flight again when you choose to go the private route.

When you decide to fly with a private air charter, you determine who to travel with. Fill the plane with your best friends and closest family members for an unforgettable trip. You and your loved ones or business associates will have the entire flight to yourselves.

Don’t let the airlines gamble with your time and money. Make the switch to a private air charter, and you’ll never look back.